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Partnering With Wilson

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Positioning ourselves as a boutique car park operator in Malaysia, Wilson Parking Malaysia has established ourselves as the preferred operator of choice for parking consultancy and for the operation and management of car parks. We believe that by setting high standards for ourselves, we have become the industry benchmark that makes the Wilson brand synonymous with service quality. With experience, we have also developed systems and operational methods to ensure our business operates with excellence. Our philosophy, Leave it With Us, speaks volumes about the confidence we have in our products, services and their delivery.

Wilson carparks in Malaysia

Maximising your investment through efficient carpark management

A company which specialises in operating a carpark must be able to improve upon the owner's performance in service to patrons and profitability. Wilson Parking delivers both. For owners of parking property, Wilson Parking removes the day-to-day burden of running a carpark, saving valuable management time and money. For customers, from the first impression created by smartly uniformed attendants to the best car park equipment and presentation, everything about a Wilson Parking carpark is first class.

Active marketing for higher returns

The right mix of pricing, marketing and promotion is essential to maximise carpark revenue. Success is dependent upon giving the market what it wants at a particular time. Our specialist Marketing and Sales Departments accomplish this better than anyone, and delivers for our clients the best possible results in their carparks.

Building or upgrading? It pays to consult Wilson Parking

Wilson Parking's diverse worldwide portfolio affords experience on all types of carparks, including office buildings, hotels, entertainment complexes, shopping centres, campuses, hospitals, airports and toll roads. The company's consultancy service is based on this broad international experience.

A sophisticated system of strict controls

A network of strict control systems safeguards the revenue and the consistent high performance of Wilson Parking carparks. The company can supply carpark owners with regular reports including specialised revenue monitoring and analysis of daily and monthly trends.

Statistics and Audit

In response to the increasing requirement for vehicle security, carparks are patrolled by uniformed and non-uniformed staff and closed-circuit monitoring is used where practical. Wilson Parking has a specialised statistics system for the recording and analysis of casual parkers. The information gathered forms the basis of rate structure and analysis of behaviour patterns and is an integral part of the internal audit.

The real strength of Wilson Parking

Wilson Parking's staff are our pride; and training and developing our team members are fundamental to the company's philosophy of ensuring a high level of customer service with a positive attitude. With managerial and satellite offices in Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Penang, our geographical spread means Wilson Parking is ideally positioned to service companies operating nationally.